Thank you Healthline!

June 5, 2018 at 12:07 pm | Posted in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) | 7 Comments

I’m chuffed to bits to once again have been listed as one of Healthline’s RA blogs of the year, even though as ever I haven’t posted very much. I’m actually having another knee flare today (with various other painful bits but that’s the worst bit as usual) so it’s nice to have something to celebrate a little bit too! Always good to see some old friends there in the list of awards – my word ladies, a lot of us have been around the blogosphere a long time now! Slightly disappointed to see there are no men represented in the list though, but good to see two general ‘blogging together’ sites up there.

Anyway, thanks again Healthline – you’ve cheered me up a bit!

In other news I have my personal sleep study results back, or at least the results of a very small part of the data – quite interesting and I need to find time to do a post about it!



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  1. Well done, Polly! It’s eight weeks from today that we head for London. See you soon!

  2. And well done to you too, m’dear! Looking forward to seeing you! 🙂 I hope they still do sticky toffee pudding when you come. 🙂

  3. Congratulations, Penguin! 🙂

  4. And you m’dear – and a big cross-ocean hug to you!

  5. Good for you !

  6. Good for you Penguin !! All on the list are very deserving.

  7. Definitely some excellent blogs missing though! 😉

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