Post-flare milestones!

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I’m feeling pretty pleased at the moment. I think the flare has finally, well and truly gone. I finished the steroids yesterday – or rather I should have done. Mysteriously there’s three left so I obviously took 6 or 7 on a couple of days instead of the correct 8. OOPS!

  1. Anyway, that’s number one, steroids finished!
  2. Yesterday, for the first time since the flare started about two weeks ago, I took only paracetamol (Tylenol) and no Ibruprofen. (Obviously when I say only paracetamol, I also took all my usual arthritis meds, but no extra pain killers except paracetamol.)

  1. Yesterday was the first time I walked a mile, but it was split into two bits because I stopped off part way at the surgery to my monthly blood test.
  2. Yesterday I did my first full day at work since the flare started and felt OK after it. Yay!
  3. Yesterday I realised, after getting home, cooking dinner and doing various other bits,  that I’d not actually rested my knee up for 10 hours on the trot! I have to say that wasn’t too clever – I only realised when it started aching a bit. However, I was sensible after that and kept it up for the rest of the evening.
  4. Today was the first time since the flare that I walked a mile all in one go – so a real milestone! I’ll also hopefully be doing a bit more walking later as we’re hoping the weather will stay fine and we get ‘up the coast’ this evening. We’ll see … we’ve had no luck doing that so far this year, with some pretty rotten weather!

So I think we can safely say another flare has been put to bed and I can now get on with life as normal … until the next one! In a copy-cat Carla-style sign off (’cause i love Carla’s sign-offs!), may all your flares be as easy to deal with!



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  1. Oh, outstanding! So pleased your flare has flown! (And, aw, thank ever so much for the shout out. I never know how to end a post, so those closings were an invention of desperation!)

  2. Lol! Well you’re more inventive than I am. I just end by …stopping, usually! 😃

  3. Oh that is great. I hope it sticks.

  4. Thanks Rick! Me too! 😃

  5. Yay, Penguin! What a relief! I hope the next flare (we all know there will be one, right?) is very mild and scrams fast. Onward!! 😀

  6. Thanks Wren! Yes…we know there’ll be one. After 11 years I guess they’re not gonna disappear altogether, sadly! 🙂

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