When Polly met Carla (the sequel)

August 13, 2018 at 12:23 pm | Posted in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) | 5 Comments

So, what was that rare treat you had Polly Penguin, I hear you all crying? Well, no, I don’t actually because the title kind of gives it away … YES! For the second time ever, two years after the original When Polly Met Carla, Carla and I managed to meet up, during a brief drop in to the UK for Carla and Hubby. I’m very flattered that they arrived in Heathrow one day and then had six hours of train rides the next day to come and see me! It was so good to meet up with Carla (and hubby) again and catch up on all the news … and luckily the pub/bar/restaurant we’d picked had sticky toffee pudding to die for. (Carla would have been very disappointed if that hadn’t been the case … apparently you don’t get right over in the US! <grin>)

Among other things I got to here more about all these great patient advocacy meet-ups you guys have over there  … and that brings me to a BIG THANK YOU, to Carla for organising it, Wren for the amazing drawing (as ever) and all you folk that kindly signed it at one of the meetings and sent lovely messages! What is it? I (once again don’t really) hear you cry. It’s this fantastic Wren original card:

Wren Carla Card

inside card

Isn’t that great? Wren said she started the card when it was raining buckets on this side of the pond and she thought she’d provide some inner sunshine with a nice summery, flowery picture – but when it arrived we were in full heatwave mode. Still, a nice, summery card was entirely appropriate for a heatwave and definitely is doing its inner-sunshine providing job now, when it’s been raining consistently for a couple of days!

So thank you again all who signed it, thank you so much Wren for the lovely card and Carla for organising it and of course hand-delivering it! 🙂

Maybe one day I’ll get to meet some more of you in person – that would be great!



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  1. That is an awesome card!

  2. Yup! wren is an awesome artist! Check out when Polly met Carla part one for my first card from Wren – Polly yomping about in the countryside! (Looking for an awesome card for someone’s 50th … Failing so far!)

  3. I hope you get over our way Polly. Sheryl says she figures you have the dirt on me. Hell she thinks everyone has the dirt on me.

  4. Well we bloggers tend to dish the dirt on ourselves so we’ve prolly all got the dirt on each other anyway! Would love to get over the pond one day ….but might wait for a calmer political climate!!

  5. […] to Norwich (about two hours northeast of London). There we had lunch with Pollyanna Penguin who has already posted about what great fun (and food) we had with her. One of our BFF’s and fellow bloggers is Wren […]

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