So, RA Blog Week has rolled around again!

September 26, 2018 at 5:41 pm | Posted in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) | 2 Comments

I seem to remember saying last year that I really must post more OUTSIDE things like RA Blog Week. I didn’t do very well! So thank goodness for things like this with daily prompts to suggest things to blog about. For Monday (oops, I forgot, I was just back off holiday, it was ‘the medicine’ – how are you treated by doctors and other healthcare professionals? Well, where do I start? By linking back to a whole host of blogs I’ve done about this I reckon.

So, you may have noticed if you’re a frequent reader, that I tend not to be a big fan of doctors and nurses, although I’ve had some good experiences. Here was one that wasn’t so good from quite some time ago. But then again, I have had some really positive experiences. One of the big issues though is, at both GP and consultant level, in the NHS you’re very lucky to ever see the same doctor twice, so I also posted about the frustrations of not having a relationship with your doctor. And then there are those times when you meet a doctor who hasn’t got a clue about RA and think of all the things you SHOULD have said to them … an hour after you leave.

So to bring us up to date, nothing much seems to be changing on the doctor and nurse front. At the moment I’m waiting for a chance to get a blood test re my methotrexate – it’s now two weeks overdue but as they have staff shortages you have to turn up at about 8:20 and wait an hour or so, if you’re even lucky enough to be near enough the front of the queue to get one that day.

That’s my current frustration. On the bright side, we’ve just had a fabulous holiday in Oxford, which I really must post about … but probably won’t! 🙂 I will say though, we walked LOADS and I felt so good for it! I’m trying to keep that up on my return but work is getting in the way.



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  1. Oh Oxford sounds fun. One thing I do like about the US health system is that we can change doctors when we get fed up with them. I suppose it offsets the hassle of paying $300 for an appointment.

  2. Yeah, I USED to think you had the better system. Since I’ve learnt more about it I think they’re about equally good (or rubbish)…just different.

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