Flare finally over – woohoo!

Since I started the steroids a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been ticking of little milestones: today I can bend the leg a bit, today I managed to walk round the garden … and bigger ones, today I stopped using my stick, today I made it onto my favorite local footpath … but today’s milestone is the biggest of all; hubby and I had a two-mile walk along said footpath and my leg wasn’t even twinging a bit at the end of it. So I think it’s safe to say the flare is finally over.

I was a little concerned that the hand pains that went away completely while I was on the steroids started to come back as soon as I was off them. However, they seem to have gone again and at least for now all is well.

I’m still waiting for a call back from the consultant, so no doubt that will happen in the next couple of days and I’ll have to say, ‘Well here’s the history, but I’m absolutely fine at the moment.’ That’s the story of my life when talking to the consultant or his minions! (Not that I want to be not-fine, but it would actually be useful to be able to talk to them while I’m having a flare so they can see the evidence!)

Meanwhile on the COVID front, everyone’s acting as though lockdown is completely over – which it isn’t. Numbers of cases have gone right down, but who knows if they’ll stay that way when everyone is acting like idiots. I hope the numbers stay down, because otherwise it won’t be the idiots that suffer for it, it’ll be the vulnerable people who are still doing their best to stay safe and, in some cases, shield.

6 thoughts on “Flare finally over – woohoo!

  1. Glad you’re feeling better. Darn flares. We have people acting like idiots here in the US which is causing an uptick in cases. 4th of July is coming soon and it will add to the problem. Hubby and I are isolating or staying in very small groups of people we know

    1. Hi Leigh, I’ve been hearing about huge spikes in America… and Australia, Spain, South Korea … very worrying. And in the meantime, we’re blithely continuing to open up more and more here. Just as with lockdown we had the opportunity to do it weeks before we did, by watching what was happening in other countries – now we have the opportunity to make sure we don’t open up too fast – and I think we’re going to ignore that too.

  2. Delighted you’re on the other side of the flare. Our numbers where I live have been hitting record levels since we’ve reopened. They’re about double where they were when we shutdown. AND they’re going to open schools in the fall without masks. Although I’d love to come see you (or even complete strangers at the airport) I’m staying home.

    1. Yeah, it’s a real shame you won’t be getting over this year – but definitely a wise decision. Considering this virus prefers the cold, we’re all heading into full opening by the autumn when it cools down. Real clever …

  3. Same here penguin!! Sheryl and I feel like fish out of water around here. We have masks (no one else seems know where to get them), we wear masks (they do not fit on any one else’s faces), we are careful (others cough and wheeze everywhere). Yeah life as a goldfish out of water is tough sometimes 🙂

    1. Hi Rick, a bit like life as a penguin out of water I should think – well, perhaps not quite as bad; at least penguins can breathe out of water … but it’s hard to find a mask that fits over a penguin beak.

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