Neck brace – AHA! There are lots of front fastening ones out there

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I had another physio session today – a very good one. Although I actually felt slightly worse coming out of the hospital, I feel significantly better now and I’m attributing it, rightly or wrongly, to the physio. Anyway, I mentioned to my physio that back fastening neck braces (aka cervical collars, neck collars etc.) were a pretty stupid idea IMO. She looked rather astonished and then said, ‘Of course! You’re quite right. Well they probably make them … but of course the department will just buy in the cheapest option.’ Yup, that sums up the NHS, but then again, I’m very, VERY glad we’ve got an NHS, for all I moan! There are lots of places on line to buy front-fastening collars. The cheapest one I’ve found is here but there are lots of other options. I shall be buying one just as soon as some of my clients pay me!

Neck Brace

January 20, 2009 at 4:43 pm | Posted in arthrits, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, joint pai, Me, rheumatoid arthritis (RA) | Leave a comment
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I’ve got a neck brace from my physio, to be used only in cases of absolute necessity, because I don’t want my neck muscles getting even weaker than they already are! I’m using it for the first time today, and I would love to ask the person who designed it why thought it was a good idea to have it FASTENING AT THE BACK!!! I can’t believe I’m alone in that when my neck hurts, my shoulders hurt too, and lifting my arms right up and around to the back of my neck and fiddling with a fiddly bit of velcro is really nor easy! And as the OT said, ‘We must maintain our independence …’ (See the post on my lovely OT here) And anyway, ‘What do you use to fasten your awkward neck brace?’ with the answer, ‘My husband’ doesn’t work if I’m at work when I need to use it.

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