Seasonal flu jabs … or seasonal or unseasonal flu?

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Today Mum and I had our seasonal flu jabs. Because hubby isn’t entitled to one on the NHS he got one privately last Friday. ‘You might get some mild flu-like symptoms two to three days after the jab,’ he was told.

Last night (for anyone having trouble counting, that would be four days after the jab ) he started to cough and a slight sore throat. He went to work today, came back ‘freezing cold’ and shivering, had a bath and went to bed. I just took his temperature – 102.

Now the question is does that constitute mild flu-like symptoms, or are we talking flu, or swine flu or what? I don’t know, but what I do know is that if Mum and I come down with similar ‘mild flu-like symptoms’ on Saturday she’s not going to be best pleased … it’s her birthday!


Another bad swine flu joke?

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One benefit of suffering from RA is that you don’t really notice the aches and pains when you go down with swine flu!

This time ‘the yolk’s on me’ though, because I’m just getting over a bout of (presumed) swine flu as I type. I’m one of the awful people that had the flu and went to the surgery … but then again I think that’s where I picked it up in the first place!

When I went for my blood test last week the nurse said, ‘Hey, aren’t you impressed? I’m running on time!’ I said no, actually, I’d just settled down with a rather good magazine and was enjoying the break! She said she’d been trying to do me a favour because, as a ‘valued customer’ she didn’t want me sitting out in the waiting room too long or I’d catch swine flu! We both had a chuckle, but looks like she wasn’t kidding as by Wednesday I felt really ropey with a dicky tummy, and suddenly on Thursday afternoon I felt violently sick and had to come home. To cut a long story short, I phoned the surgery Friday morning and said I’d had a dodgy tummy for about a week and thought it might be my medication. Saw the doc (after fighting my way through the receptionists’ blockade), and she said ‘Lots of people with swine flu only have symptoms of diarrhea and vomiting, as well as the fever; might be that.’

‘Oh no,’ says I, confidently, ‘I haven’t got a fever … interesting though, I thought you had to have flu symptoms.’

‘I’ll take your temperature anyway,’ says she, and sure enough I DID have a fever, though only a little one.

I went home, felt gradually worse, went to bed, felt MUCH worse, and ended up, after a period of violent shivers that felt more like convulsions, with a temperature of well over 101.

Still feeling like death warmed up today but temperature almost back to normal – good job I’m a fast typist or I wouldn’t have made it through this post! I’m off to bed now.

Funnily enough I’d booked Friday off as holiday so had tied up all the loose ends at work … however, think I’ll have to have Monday off too. Hubby nearly fainted when he said that and I agreed! That told him how ill I was feeling!

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