Happy Holidays to all!

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Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas, belated Happy Chunukah, Happy Yule, Happy ‘Winterfest’ or just have a nice break … if you’re having one!


Happy Holidays everyone

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Happy Chinese New Year!

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Chinese new year picture

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

NASTY NICE spreads its evil message

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I’m currently working on a transcription about pharmaceutical companies, and it’s hardly giving away state secrets to mention that the guy has just said that many other countries are looking to NICE, (who base their decisions on whether a drug is approved in the UK on ‘health economics’ which boils down to ‘if it’s expensive then the answer is no). This is a real concern because if more and more countries move to this model then more and more pharmaceutical and biotech companies are going to have to reconsider whether it’s worth their while developing expensive biologics such as anti-TNFs. If they decide it’s NOT worth while, where does that leave us, the patients?

This is a particular concern for RA because frequently a drug that works well for a while in one patient suddenly stops working and they need to move on to something else. I’ve posted about that before I think, regarding the NICE decision (now withdrawn for reevaluation) to refuse a further anti-TNF treatment to someone that’s already had one). So if the companies stop developing these drugs, then we’ll be in the same situation down the line as we are now – a small number of drugs to try, if NASTY even let us try them, and then bang – here comes the wheelchair.

Sorry for the lack of positivity in this post – I’m quite stressed right now! But then again, I’m stressed because I have a lot of work and I’m GLAD I have a lot of work to keep the wolf from the door in the current economic climate!

Self-fulfilling prophecy?

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For the last two days I’ve woken up barely able to move my left knee and feeling pretty horrid. Two days ago I woke up saying ‘I feel carp and today’s going to be a rubbish day’. Carp is, of course, a euphemistic anagram. Sure enough I felt fairly carp all day and the day was rubbish. Yesterday I woke up saying ‘I feel carp again and today’s going to be rubbish’. Try some affirmations, said hubby sleepily. ‘I’m a wonderful, fantastic super-penguin and I feel carp and today’s going to be rubbish’ I said; and guess what? I was right.

So the question is, was I dooming myself to a foul mood and everything going wrong all day by starting off like that? Well … maybe. One of the reasons Tuesday was so bad is that I’d made a stupid mistake in the morning and then spent half the day ‘fire fighting’ to correct it. Maybe if I’d started off more positive I wouldn’t have made the stupid mistake. I shall never know.

I have yet to test the idea that it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy as this morning I woke up feeling pretty good. ‘Today’s going to be better’ I thought, and it was. But then since I was actually able to run up stairs and go for a walk at lunch time it was bound to be better!

I suppose I need to wait for another day when I wake up feeling lousy and then try, ‘I feel carp, but I think today will turn out pretty good’ and see what happens! I’m no fan of being stupidly positive when ‘realism’ is more appropriate, but useful positivity in moderation might be worth a try!

Who’d have thought it? RA can save you money!

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Had a great, but exhausting weekend, staying with a friend and doing our biannual Lakeside shopping trip. For those not in the know, or with zero interest in shopping, Lakeside is a large shopping centre in Essex, on the outskirts of London, and my friend Debbie and I save up our pennies and make a shopping pilgrimage about twice a year. Last time I spent far too much. This time I spent far too much time in coffee shops and sitting on benches instead! Thanks to the RA I just didn’t have the energy to be trying things on all day! So I spent £17.50 in total on boring stuff from M&S that didn’t need to be tried on (need I say more?) and that was it! Well, apart from umpteen lattes!

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