This is what I have to put up with

There’s just one problem with the top notice on the side door of my GP surgery, below:


Did you guess? No, I wasn’t picking up on anything grammatical – although  I could… This door IS the different entrance you’ll be using. I think they meant to stick the notice on the main door instead. <Insert eye-rolling emoji here!>

In other news, I’m completely over my all-over flare which seemed to last for ever but was probably about five weeks. That’s great. I’ve had some lovely walks lately and enjoyed the sunshine. But yesterday the dratted knee started playing up again and today it’s quite bad, so no walks for me! I’m resting it as much as is practical with work, using hot wheat packs and cold ice packs and putting on Voltarol gel, but honestly, I’m fed up with this! Every time I get to the point of walking a reasonably healthy amount and speed for a couple of days (recently about 4.5 miles, over two main walks and some pottering, in a day) and then bam, the knee strikes again!

I’m hoping that, as with the all-over-body-flare recently, I can deal with it myself without bothering the Helpline and certainly without bothering the GP. But it’s frustrating nonetheless!

I hope you’re all doing well out there in COVID-world!

2 thoughts on “This is what I have to put up with

  1. I do not know what a shielded blood test is. I had a shielded blood test on time in my life. It was 43 years ago. Sheryl took me to a shielded blood test just before she stole me form my mommy’s arms.
    Sure she took me for the blood thing and then two weeks later to the courthouse and then I found out I had been robbed from my cradle.

    Oh my mommy got over it. It took almost 15 minutes to rent my room. That was June 3, 1977.

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