With friends like these …

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I just had coffee with my friend Steph. Well, there are some advantages of being self-employed, and one is that when it’s quiet you can have coffee with your friends, until the panic sets in and you realise you need the work in order to pay the bills!

I told her about my giant slug issue and she said, ‘Well I would say, “No, no penguin, you don’t look anything like a giant slug,” but you probably wouldn’t believe me, so I won’t bother.’

I told her that actually she was very welcome to say that, so she did … but it wasn’t awfully convincing!! Well,I did say them as knew me might say it was too late to worry about it!


In danger of turning into a giant slug

November 4, 2009 at 10:35 am | Posted in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) | 2 Comments
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Them as know me might say it’s too late to start worrying about that now, but I’m getting even less exercise than usual at the moment because I feel OK until I start coughing, and I don’t tend to start coughing (much anyway) until I move. A few times lately I’ve been OK at work and then gone for a walk at lunchtime, coughed and spluttered my way around town (I could be blamed for being the disease vector for all the colds in this part of Norfolk at this rate), and felt absolutely lousy by the time I got back, all of ten minutes or so later. Exercise is supposed to make you feel GOOD! I’m getting really fed up with this!

It’s not helped by the fact that poor hubby has still got a cough too, much worse than mine, and we tend to set each other off – great fun in the middle of the night!

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